Automated Marketing

Make 35% more money with perfectly automated ecommerce marketing messages.

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Customer Segmentation

Bizzy automatically creates your customized funnel so you can drive your customers to their next purchase.

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We have made the difficult decision to sunset Bizzy. The Bizzy application will be shut down on June 27, and the website will be shut down on September 27. If you’re a Bizzy customer, please check your email for more details. On behalf of the whole team, thank you for your interest in Bizzy.

Conversions Speak Louder Than Clicks

Automated omni-channel marketing that is designed to boost sales for your ecommerce shop.

Bizzy delivers 12x better results for shops than competitors, while sending customers 60% fewer messages. It’s win-win.

Segment your customers

We identify which customers are most likely to make purchases and when they're ready to convert.

Optimize your emails and ads.

We automatically suggest and create editable marketing campaigns optimized for those customers.

Grow your business

Sit back and watch as customers transform from leads to converted sales on your Bizzy dashboard.

So, how does it work?

Customer List

Managing customers made easier

All of your customers in one spot

With Bizzy, all of your Customers are in one centralized Customer List. We automatically deduplicate.

Up-to-date customer data. Effortlessly

A live connection to all of your customer data means you are always sure your segmentation is up-to-date.

Segmentation that makes sense

At Bizzy, we will automatically create your business' conversion funnel. Now, you can focus on driving each customer to their next purchase with a best practice conversion funnel.

  • Encourage Potential Customers to make their first purchase
  • Turn One-Time Customers into Repeat Customers
  • Convert Repeat Customers into Top Customers

Template Builder

Effective, beautiful emails and ads that take 3 minutes to create

It is easy to create high-converting emails and ads with one Bizzy template. A single headline, image and call to action focuses customers on your important message. The average customer spends only 6 seconds reading your message. We help you make that time count!

Marketing Management

Easily see which messages are driving customers to purchase so you can manage your marketing effectively.

Automatic Message Execution

Create once and then sit back as we stay in touch with your customers on your behalf.

Clear Conversion Tracking

Our connection to your ecommerce shop means that we track your conversions in real time.

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