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Make 35% more money with perfectly automated ecommerce marketing messages.

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Customer Segmentation

Bizzy automatically creates your customized funnel so you can drive your customers to their next purchase.

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Customer Segmentation

Automatically drive customers to their next purchase.

We integrate directly with your ecommerce platform and your lead collection tools to continuously identify, maintain, and optimize your business’ unique marketing funnel.

Smart customer organization system

Never lose touch with your customers.

Seamlessly manage customers across all touch points with Bizzy’s ecommerce integrations. Bizzy consolidates all of your customer information in a master list so you never lose touch.

We manage your customer data for you.

Bizzy keeps track of your customer sources, subscription statuses, locations, and many other segments - so your data is always up to date. We even deduplicate any new contacts you add to your list!

Loaded with integrations so that you can seamlessly manage your list in one spot.

Powerful filter chips so you can understand customer behavior.

  • Identify customers who arrived on your list from the same source.
  • Determine which customers are buying the same types of products.
  • Identify trends and automatically add customers to new Segments and Series.

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