Automated Marketing

Make 35% more money with perfectly automated ecommerce marketing messages.

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Customer Segmentation

Bizzy automatically creates your customized funnel so you can drive your customers to their next purchase.

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Automated Marketing

Make 35% more money with perfectly automated ecommerce marketing messages.

Guide customers to purchase

  • Convert potential customers
  • Upsell one-time customers
  • Retain repeat customers

Celebrate special events

  • Birthdays
  • Purchase anniversaries
  • New products
  • Holiday promotions

Optimize your autoresponders

  • Abandoned carts
  • Review requests
  • Order follow-ups
  • Winbacks
  • Welcome series
  • Custom targeting

Bizzy is packed with automated features that protect your business and save you 5+ hours a week

Cutting edge list cleaning

Bizzy protects you from spam bots to keep your reputation pristine. We remove bogus contacts before you waste time and money.

Seamless discount management

No need to create and update your discount codes! For each promotion, Bizzy generates unique codes - protecting you from fraud.

Built-in spam protection

No one likes spam – so we've built in algorithms to make sure you don’t contact customers too often and hurt your relationship.

Convert your customers with a single, focused message

Bite size content with a single call to action

A single call to action in an email (as opposed to multiple) will increase clicks by up to 400% and conversions by up to 1600%.

Your important message is always above the fold

64% of decision makers read their email on mobile. All important content needs to be immediately visible when your email is opened on a phone.

Emails that look flawless in every inbox

Whether an iPad, an Android Phone, or an older desktop - all email campaigns sent with Bizzy are tested on Email on Acid and Litmus, and delivered by SendGrid. We have the most coverage in the industry.

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